Week in the Life 2017 – Monday

Ending Sunday with a 6×8 photo, I had 2 choices.  Either start right away with my journaling or add another 6×8 photo!  Since I love 6×8 photos and thought it would be cool to continue the look and feel of the album, I decided to go with another 6×8 photo, then flowing into the journaling.

Here’s a look at the start of Monday.


16_monday kisses

Simple circle embellishment and word phrases along with a large “kisses” word art from Ali’s shop! – another page done.

Page 2 – journaling – changing the Monday stories to red.

Page 3 & 4- back of journaling & 6×4 page protector.18_monday_ 2nd page

For the journaling page, I included one of the 3×4 journal cards from the kit at the bottom and adhered the large chipboard “hard day” embellishment from the kit.  I also includes a few circle embellishments and word stickers.

To finish & dress up the vellum word, I simply stapled a felt heart to the word.

22_monday word heart

Page 4 & 5 – photos & word stickers for the WIN! “This morning” was cutout from a 3×4 card from the kit.

19_monday page 3

Page 6  – photos, word strips, stickers and circle embellishments.  More 6×4 photos mean more page flips & Avery tabs! Some sentiments where printed directly onto card-stock from Photoshop and cut out.  I felt adding some that were a little more personal added a unique feel to my book.

20_monday page 4

Page 7 – back of 6×4 & final 6×8

21_monday final layout

This day came together pretty quickly.  I adhered the star circle rubber embellishment from the kit to the bottom 6×4 photo and used the word stickers from the kit and additional ones from Ali’s shop.

I completed the day with another 6×8 (my favourite is to include full 6×8 photos!) – large word art from Ali’s shop and a few sentiments + teal star.

Another day completed!

Hope you enjoyed it!




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