Week in the Life 2017 – Thursday

I must say – I love this project!  What’s not to love?  Got my stories told for an entire week and was able to capture some precious moments and memories via words and photos.  Win, Win!  Even though my photos were taken only with my iPhone 5, I’m happy with the final results.  It’s not perfect – but neither is life.  Embrace the fuzziness!

Keeping with the same design, here’s a look at my Thursday:


Page 2 & 3:

38_thursday_page 2

I was happy to receive my Cathy Zielke stamps.  I thought her WTF stamp was very appropriate to document what I am sure Holly was thinking at the time that I made her wear the bunny ears!  LOL

page 4 & 5:

39_thursday_page 3

No additional 6×4 photos today..

Page 5 & 6:

40_thursday final layout

I continue to the love the simplicity of the word stickers directly onto the photos as well as the large 6×8 photo to close out the day.

Also loving the “going big” with the digital word art this time.  I love the bold statements it creates and the visual interest.

Hope you are enjoying the album.

I’m in the home stretch – almost done!




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