Week in the Life 2017 – Title page & Reason why

As with most things Ali Edwards, I too jumped in on the Week in the Life® project.  After completing December Daily, I was itching for another project.  This project is an in-depth documenting project about a week in your “normal” life.  Much more in-depth than the regular Project Life photo-capturing projects, this project is a condensed week-long project celebrating the little things and everything of every day life as well as the moments and memories along the way.  I completed this project back in 2015 and loved the results – here’s my rendition for this year.

I purchased the Ali Edwards Week in the Life kit.  Most of all the album contents are from Ali Edwards kits, past story kits, digital word art (unless otherwise noted where I could).  I did supplement with a few additional elements from my stash.

Here’s a look at my title page & reason why pages.

For my title page, I used a Litte Yellow Bicycle transparency from my stash, from the Fresh prints – Traveler collection.  I punched out a large white circle from card-stock and the packaging of from Week in the Life to create the LENS on my camera.

The cover is directly borrowed from Ali Edwards herself.  I love the sleek look of the white chipboard letters on the white cover of the album.  I added one of the wordstrips from the kit and a gold heart.

1_cover-first page

The camera transparency is layered on top of a Bella Boulevard Color Invisible transparency (really thick transparency) that had the days of the week printed directly onto it.   For the back of the camera transparency, I adhered the same white card-stock circle and a “Let’s do this” circle embellishment from my stash. (I think it may have come from Kaisercraft but not 100% sure).

The next page includes simple white card-stock for the 2nd title and date.  I chose to do Week in the Life from April 16th to April 23rd (yes, an extra day … because.. why not?! there are no rules with this project, right?!)  and YES I did start with Sunday.  So freeing to break the “so called-rules”, isn’t it?!  I’m ok with the transparency for Sunday to start on the right side of the album.

4_date page

The next page includes a simple digital layout – inspired by Ali’s reason why page.  I went bold with the title using digital word art and used this concept on most, if not all my 6×8 full page photos in the album.

5_reason why

I knew this was not going to be a typical week for me.  I contemplated not participating in the project as a result but then decided – why not – there are no rules to this project!  What is typical anyways?  Again – no rules.   I am so glad I participated with everyone and so glad I was part of the community of memory-keepers on the Week in the Life Facebook group.  They are an amazing, inspiring group of people.  The encouragement and the inspiration from this group makes it all that much more fun.  If you haven’t tried this project – try it.  The stories, the memories and the end product are so worth it.

Just a note: I would like to point out that all the photos within my album are taken from my iPhone 5, no DSLR.  Just simple IPhone photos and all their glory.  Grainy & sometimes out of focus.  I’m ok with that and I am ok with the imperfection.  (I did edit my photos using Photoshop Elements and Radlab).

This is life.  This is my life.

I hope you enjoy the glimpse into my Week!




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