Project SITREP – Volume 2

Hey everyone!  With such tremendous support and comments for Volume 1, I thought I would post a closer look into Volume 2.    Getting into my groove = 56 more stories told! I continue to use Blurb as the self-publisher tool and love the results.  Not only is their Tradebook option reasonably priced, the experience... Continue Reading →



Hi there! Welcome back.  I haven't posted in awhile but I am so excited to share my latest project! After completing Project 193 (you can read about that here), I needed to focus on brainstorming & thinking about military care packages.  Yes, of course you can google care package ideas for Military Deployed people, you... Continue Reading →

Week in the Life 2017 – Friday

Yes, you are seeing this correctly...  FRIDAY  = DINOSAURS!  A fun morning exploring at the Nature Museum! Again, REALLY, REALLY  loving the large digital word art from Ali Edwards directly onto the full 6x8 photo.  I printed a few extra word sentiments for my title page and also cut up one of the 3x4 cards... Continue Reading →

Week in the Life 2017 – Thursday

I must say - I love this project!  What's not to love?  Got my stories told for an entire week and was able to capture some precious moments and memories via words and photos.  Win, Win!  Even though my photos were taken only with my iPhone 5, I'm happy with the final results.  It's not... Continue Reading →

Week in the Life 2017 – Wednesday

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!  Let's dive into my Wednesday.  To start things off, full 6x8 photo + large digital word art from Ali's shop.  I really do like starting off the week with a large photo and it really does give you an opportunity to showcase some of your favourite shots of... Continue Reading →

Week in the Life 2017 – Monday

Ending Sunday with a 6x8 photo, I had 2 choices.  Either start right away with my journaling or add another 6x8 photo!  Since I love 6x8 photos and thought it would be cool to continue the look and feel of the album, I decided to go with another 6x8 photo, then flowing into the journaling.... Continue Reading →

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